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The Twilight Zone

Perchance to Dream

3 August
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Current Theme: Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone


Hey, I'm Annie and I live in Michigan. I live with my mom, brother, and pets. I go to a local public high school and I've been on lj since Oct. 2005.

10 Great Movies:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Forrest Gump
Wet Hot American Summer
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Dead Poets Society
Dumb and Dumber
Stand by Me
The Fox and the Hound
Silence of the Lambs
Little Miss Sunshine

5 Great TV Shows:
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
The Colbert Report
The Office
House M.D.
Queer as Folk

Favourite CD:
Stunt (by Barenaked Ladies)

5 Great Songs
"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" - Rufus Wainwright
"Pinch Me" - Barenaked Ladies
"The Joker" - Steve Miller Band
"No Rain" - Blind Melon
"The Logical Song" - Supertramp

7 Great Groups of/Comedians:
Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
Jim Gaffigan
Mike Birbiglia
Daniel Tosh
Whose Line? improvers

Latest Choice of Book:
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Favourite Magazine:
Entertainment Weekly

"Have you ever been to a foreign country and seen children speak another language? It's so adorable, you're like 'Oh my god, this kid's a genius! He speaks French fluently and he's only four years old! I think we've found the new Dali Lama!'" - Jim Gaffigan