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23 January 2008 @ 03:23 pm
Ain't never enough time, never enough  
This movie was so important to me two years ago. Heath died far too young, he and Jake were icons.

To a remarkable actor and storyteller, RIP.

The "I wish I could quit you" scene from Brokeback Mountain. By now, it's cliched, but all the same worth revisiting.


English- I have a lot of hate for my vocab book. It's like "Guess the definition of the word from its use in the sentence: He is so unctuous it makes me angry."

THE HELL? That could be a thousand things. And then it's like Oh, here are your one-word definitions if you really need them, stupid.

Last night, when I was watching house, and H/W had this little exchange:

Wilson: "Living is hard; dieing is easy!"
House: "Was that as poignant as it sounds?" /something close to that

I thought "Hey, 'poignant' hasn't been a vocab word in a while." And now it is. Again. ... It's the little things, you guys.

We also have "fetish" as a vocab word. Yeah right. Who, at 16, doesn't know fetish?

I got an A on my exam. She must smell my cat at home.

Chemistry- Substitute, and the class was as well-behaved at ever despite having my!Tim and that kid just doesn't go away.

I'm not going to even attempt to relay the dilemma we had with our "worksheet" today. It was bad. Just imagine bad.

Lunch- I actually went and saw Mr. P to show him my letter I got back from that congressman. You know, the politely condescending kind that basically say "Thanks for writing us. You have no idea what you're talking about. Don't you ever do this again."?

I want that class back. It's so much better than my damn economics class.

Economics- (a continuation of angst) It's cold. It's drab. It's fucking miserable. And, no, Mr. G, not in the unfortunate-statistics-about-natural-resource-consumption way. In the, I-swear-to-god-I-will-take-up-wrist-cutting-if-you-spend-one-more-minute-talking-about-latex kind of way. AND THERE IS NO Y IN LATEX, DAMNIT! THERE IS NO Y!

Today we were asked if we could be anywhere in the world besides this class, where would we be? I wanted so bad to say "Mol-dov-a" but then I remembered I would most likely be the only one who got it. Back to this again.

Spanish- Coming from fourth hour, Spanish class is Eden.
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